A Problem Worth Solving

Many businesses in the hospitality industry experience an unreliable supply of single-use packaging, which affects overall quality of service. In addition, there is an increasing demand from the growing trend of environmentally-conscious consumers, supported by an imminent change in legislature for the global phasing out of single-use plastic.

Our Solution And Promise

To provide consistent delivery of high quality products to the South African market and beyond. We seamlessly supply single-use packaging, including an impressive variety of biodegradable alternatives made from renewable and sustainable resources to meet the changing market.

How We Achieve This

We have an exceptionally motivated team whose mission it is to source high quality and innovative products. In conjunction with our world-class ERP systems, dedicated fleet and transport contractors, we provide consistent, reliable service at the lowest possible cost.


Our paper and biodegradable materials are mainly sourced from America, Japan and Thailand and are manufactured in China before being shipped to Cape Town. Products made from biodegradable material strictly conform to the patent holder’s specifications and integrity is officially certified by Din Certco and Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). This ensures that each product is of exceptional quality and credibility. All our papers are responsibly and sustainably sourced and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved. Additionally, each of our manufacturers has passed the necessary Due Diligence inspections, which requires them to conform to acceptable working standards and hygiene as per ISO, BRC and HACCP.


Deliveries extend nationwide and into the African continent. Our reliable fleet delivers directly within the greater Cape Town area, whereas regional and national deliveries are outsourced to various trusted transport contractors.

Delivery Cycle

Each order is processed within 24 hours of placement. Local deliveries arrive the next working day, while regional and national deliveries are packed and loaded on the same day, with delivery taking

“When future generations look upon the plastic polluting our ecosystems they won’t ask why we didn’t recycle more, they
will ask why products taking minutes to consume were produced in packaging that lasts for centuries.” – The Story of Stuff Project

Consumer Values Are Changing

The Green Revolution is upon us. In 2015 alone, 448 million tons of plastic were produced, of which 161 million tons was plastic packaging. But the market is calling for change; they want something more sustainable, to feel good about what they’re consuming and they’re asking for it now. Meeting this demand can be a further challenge due to few suppliers catering to this change, in addition to the already inconsistent and unreliable service pervading the industry.

We’re Ready For Change

BioAfrica is prepared for this transition. Through cutting edge innovation, we now offer a wide range of sustainable, renewable, organic, biodegradable and compostable single-use packaging of the highest integrity. And we do this with impeccable customer-care and delivery service.


Compostables and biodegradables are replacing single use plastics. We have introduced new products made from various organic raw materials, such as PLA (Polylactic acid), bagasse (sugarcane waste) and bamboo pulp which re all sustainable and renewable resources. All our biodegradable and compostable products are backed by science, various independent certification associations and agencies such as BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute – USA), DinCertco (Germany) and SGS.