Lid Smoothie Flat PLA Clear

Product Information:

  • Material : Plant Based PLA
  • Cup dimensions: rim diameter: 75 mm
  • Bottom diameter: 95mm
  • Height: 26 mm
  • Material: Plant Based PLA
  • Inks used: Soy ink, water based
  • Packed:
    • 1000 Cups per Carton
    • 50 Cups per Sleeves
    • 20 Sleeves per Carton
    • Carton Dimension: 49 cm (L) x 40.5 cm (W) x 37.5 cm (H)
    • Weight of Carton: 8.575kgs
  • Serving Size  : 95 mm PLA Dome Lid
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Download Lid Smoothie Flat PLA Clear Spec Sheet here

  1. Certified 100% Biodegradable
  2. Fully Compostable
  3. Made from FSC compliant paper.
  4. CPLA lids are made from crystalized PLA – CPLA. PLA is patented by NatureWorks under the Ingeo™ brand. We strictly follow their supply chain to ensure no meddling in raw materials.

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